Membership Profile

Desta has 55 members who contribute an aggregated £59 million each year to the local economy, including 1,250 permanent jobs, another 639 casual jobs and 2,300 volunteers. Desta has members in Hammersmith & Fulham, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster. Open to any eligible organisation, Desta has a formal membership application process. The Membership Prospectus sets out the governance and operation of Desta, the benefits of membership and the expectations of members.

Membership Eligibility Criteria
Prospective members:
- must be legally incorporated not-for-profit organisations with sound governance.
- provide at least 60% of their services within the boundaries of the nine boroughs of north west London.
- have clear, robust systems of accountability to service users or local communities and
- a commitment to consortium working.

Desta is a democratic, accountable, membership owned and controlled not for profit consortium. It is governed by six member trustees and three independent trustees. Members meet together to contribute to Desta policy through the Council of Members, and the consortium has Project Board Chairs for Childrens' Services, Economic Inclusion and Health. The consortium employs a whole-time Chief Executive, independent of any member organisation. Representatives of Desta are required to act in the interests of the whole membership; conflicts of interest and benefits to trustees and members are governed through the Articles of Association.

Charitable Objects
To promote efficiency and effectiveness in the charitable activities of not-for-profit organisations, voluntary groups and charities working for the benefit of the public in the fields of health and social care; and
To advance the education of those involved in health and social care; and
To relieve sickness and promote health through the provision of health and social care services; and
To undertake such other charitable activities in the field of health and social care as the trustees may decide,
In each case where "health" includes the social determinants of health, the link between health and the economic prosperity of cities, and the social, economic and environmental well-being of communities and residents.